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You’ve Got This: 10 Totally Achievable Beauty Resolutions for the New Year

For the most part, we’re pretty good about keeping promises to ourselves. A Marist poll shows that among 2017 New Year resolution-makers, 68% succeeded in meeting at least some of their goals. The top two 2018 resolutions, being a better person and losing weight, tied at 12%. Exercising more, eating healthier and getting a better job each pulled 9%.


How about a beauty resolution this year? Whether you’ve got a special event coming up, a milestone birthday, need to get out of a rut or simply want to look as good as you feel, you’re building a foundation for the rest of the year and beyond.

Here are some resolutions for improving your skin, hair, body and habits, along with products to get you started on a bright, beautiful 2019:

  1. Become religious about skin care: When you take care of your skin regularly, you’re priming yourself for a softer, smoother future—plus you’ll mitigate damage-repair work down the road. The HydraFacial is one of the most advanced and complete ways to treat your skin, using state-of-the art equipment for exfoliating and cleaning, and custom serums to address your skin’s individual needs. Here’s how to make it easy: When you join OrangeTwist’s Citrus Club, you get a free HydraFacial each month, plus special pricing on other products and services.
  2. Up your antioxidants: Our bodies manufacture antioxidants to combat the free-radical cells that can damage skin, but we also get a boost when we consume high-antioxidant foods, such as pecans, berries, artichokes, dark leafy greens like kale and spinach, and (yay!) dark chocolate. You can also deliver a dose of antioxidants directly to your skin with products from Alastin, ZO Skin Health and certain serums.
  3. Freshen your makeup: Old makeup can not only date your look, but it can also become a petri dish for harmful bacteria that can infect your eyes and skin. Throw out old mascara, update your makeup collection for modern fresh looks, or take some tips from the makeup artist to Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex (aka Meghan Markle) and the experts at Blushington.
  4. Go pro: Sometimes we get in a rut with our skin care. This is the perfect time to step up to medical-grade products and to consult with a professional about how best to tighten, rejuvenate, lift and fill skin safely and effectively.
  5. Care for your hair: Promise to do more regular deep conditioning, have a no-holds-barred conversation about your current style with your hairdresser (or find someone new if you haven’t been happy for some time), or decide to go grey graciously.
  6. Meditate more: Meditation has numerous psychological benefits, which translate to less stress and improved skin. Research has shown that meditation and relaxation can help with acne, eczema, psoriasis and other conditions. When you’re happier and relaxed, you’ll also be staving off frown lines.
  7. Banish fat: You know that stubborn patch of fat sitting around your middle, wagging around your arms and neck, or bubbling around your bum? Take care of it once and for all with CoolSculpting, a noninvasive technique that freezes fat cells and eliminates them from the body permanently. (Start sooner rather than later as results can take up to three months to show.)
  8. Get serious about skin tightening: The time to start taking care of your neck is yesterday, before you notice it at all. Ultherapy is a noninvasive treatment that uses ultrasound technology to create new collagen, tightening facial and neck skin. Follow up with regular and liberal applications of the Alastin Restorative Neck Complex.
  9. Get a glow: You look good—but you feel like you could look better. Make a vow to exfoliate regularly; start using a nourishing serum; drink plenty of water; and amp it up with our skin resurfacing technique, Clear + Brilliant, a noninvasive gentle laser treatment that tones, improves pore appearance and smoothens your skin’s texture.
  10. Think about sleeping, beauty: Sleep is one of nature’s greatest beauty boosters. Researchers found that even missing just one night of good Zs can affect your appearance—your eyelids droop, your eyes are red and swollen, you may have dark circles under your eyes, your skin pales, fine lines and wrinkles are more apparent and your mouth droops. Plus you’ll be slower and cranky, and who wants that? Maybe trade in a binge TV session for an early night with a bath, book and bed.

Don’t be daunted—it’s not impossible to reach your goals. Experts say the best way to stick to a resolution is to make it reasonable and specific. Make a plan (and write it down!) on how you’ll achieve it, and enlist support of a friend, family member or even an online group. Finally have compassion for yourself when you’ve slipped, and congratulate yourself on milestones achieved. Have a beautiful new year!

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