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Lido Isle

The fondest memories I have of my youth where riding my cruise through Newport and around Lido Isle to visit friends. You can still do this and I highly recommend it. It’s a wonderful community and a beautiful ride.

Often mistakenly referred to Lido Island, Lido Isle is, in fact, an isle not an island. So what’s the difference? Lido Isle is a man-made island located in the harbor of Newport Beach, California. Surrounded by the city, Lido Isle was incorporated as part of Newport Beach in 1906. At that time it was part sandbar and part mudflat. There are no commercial facilities on the island other than a small snack bar open in the summer, and its only link to the city is a small bridge. The man-made island is solely residential with approximately 1,800 people living on the island.

Lido Isle
Lido Isle Orange County

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