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No-sex beds at Tokyo Olympics debunked by Irish gymnast

An Irish gymnast is giving the Olympic beds a 10.

In an Instagram segment he called “today’s episode of fake news at the Olympic Games,” Rhys Mcclenaghan bounced as if he was on a trampoline atop a cardboard bed in the Olympic Village in Toyoko. It held up fine.

He called the social media rumor that the anti-sex beds would collapse under any hanky-panky rubbish.

“They’re made out of cardboard, yes, but apparently they’re meant to break at any sudden movements,” McClenaghan says in the video, while jumping up and down on the bed.

“It’s fake, fake news!”

The official Olympics Twitter account thanked McClenaghan for “debunking the myth,” noting “the sustainable cardboard beds are sturdy.”

The games could use some positive news.

A few athletes at the Olympic Village in Tokyo have tested positive for COVID-19, with the Czech Republic team reporting the case Monday of a beach volleyball player who could miss his first game.

He is the third athlete who was staying at the village to test positive. Two South African men’s soccer players had their COVID-19 cases announced Sunday.

Also Monday, the personal coach for U.S. gymnast Kara Eaker confirmed that the 18-year-old alternate had tested positive in an Olympic training camp in Japan. The coach, Al Fong, said the 18-year-old Eaker was vaccinated against the novel coronavirus two months ago. Eaker, the first American athlete to test positive after arriving in Japan, had been rooming with other alternates, with the competitive team rooming with fellow competitors.

The South African players and a team video analyst who tested positive one day earlier were moved to the “isolation facility” managed by the Tokyo Olympic organizing committee.

Their 21 close contacts around the South Africa team now face extra scrutiny before their first game Thursday against Japan in Tokyo. The monitoring regime includes daily testing, traveling in a dedicated vehicle, training separately from teammates not affected and being confined to their rooms for meals.

“Although you are a close contact, you are able to do the minimum that you need to do so that you can continue your preparation for the Games while you are being monitored,” said Pierre Ducrey, the Olympic Games operations director.

Earlier Monday, before the Czech case was reported, Tokyo Olympic organizers confirmed three new COVID-19 cases, including a media worker arriving in Tokyo and a Games staffer or official in the Chiba prefecture.

Both people, who were not identified, went into a 14-day quarantine, organizers said.

The Tokyo metropolitan authority reported 727 new COVID-19 cases Monday, which was the 30th straight day the tally was higher than the previous week. The count was 502 last Monday.

The games open Friday with no fans.

Source: Orange County Register

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