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First Big Bear bald eagle baby of 2021 hatches as the world watches

It started late afternoon Thursday, March 18, the first pips, or signs of hatching in a bald eagle nest 145 feet up a pine tree near the shore of Big Bear Lake.

In this screen grab from night vision video Jackie, the female eagle, makes adjustments to the nest as her two eggs have “pipped” (begun the hatching process) on Thursday afternoon, March 18, 2021. (Courtesy of the Big Bear Eagle )

By Friday morning, webcam footage had 20,000 likes on Facebook, and another 12,000 people were watching live on YouTube. Viewers checked in from as far away as the United Kingdom and Australia.

The nonprofit Friends of Big Bear Valley, which runs the nest cam, also shared baby’s first communication that came around 9 p.m. Thursday from under the mother.

“Jackie awakens to check on the eggs and baby eaglet chirps from inside the egg!” the Facebook post reads. “This little one has a lot to say and just might take after its mama.”

A Friday morning post on the YouTube page said the hatch is still in progress, and there are no signs of pipping yet on the second egg, which was laid several days after the first.

The first eggs of 2021 for Jackie and Shadow were laid in January, but all of those were lost, two to ravens, and one to breakage. This second set of eggs was laid in February.

 This story is developing. Check back for updates.

Source: Orange County Register

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