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VIDEO: Dolphins soaring 10 feet out of water off Newport Beach caught on camera

Dolphins are known for frolicking off the Southern California coast, sometimes even playfully catching waves or darting across the ocean at full speed.

But seeing one of the massive mammals propel its body 10 feet into the sky?

The acrobatic skills of a playful bottlenose dolphin was caught on camera on Aug. 19, a video taken by the crew at Newport Coastal Adventure during one of their excursions.

“These dolphin are extremely intelligent, and often will swim next to our boat and play in the wake (waves we create when moving through the water),” reads a recap of the trip sent out by the Newport Beach charter company. “This particular bottlenose dolphin decided he wanted some high-flying action, leaping 10 feet into the air multiple times to the delight of everyone onboard.”

Dolphins are larger than an average-sized person, can weigh about 1,300 pounds and measure about 12 feet in length.

“To imagine that these guys are able to hurl their bodies out of the water with such effortlessness is incredible, but actually seeing it with your own eyes is something these passengers will never forget,” the Newport Coastal Adventure recap reads.

Source: Orange County Register

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