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The 5 Best Local Honey Companies in Orange County!

1. The Pantry by Growl Juice Pub
The juicery’s organic goods include bee pollen ($5) and honey ($18). 152 N. Glassell St., 714-538-5338,

2. Massey Honey
Yorba Linda
The mild, buttery taste of wildflower honey ($14) makes it the company’s most popular variety. Mother’s Markets,

3. Mowellens
Laguna Niguel
This dark amber-hued avocado honey ($66) is part of the company’s line of CBD-infused wellness products. 800-916-3119,

4. Backyard Bees
Each jar of honey is unique to its location, season, and type of wildflower ($6 to $12). Orange Homegrown Farmers Market,

5. OC Local Honey
Many flavors are offered, such as Tustin wildflower, alfalfa, and buckwheat ($4 to $18). 949-478‑3785,

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