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Return to Earth delayed again for SpaceX crew

Pomona-native Victor Glover and three fellow astronauts will spend a few more nights at the International Space Station after their planned departure Friday, April 30, was again postponed due to high winds on the ground.

The crew of four has spent nearly six months on board the ISS performing scientific experiments and making repairs, including several space walks outside the station for Glover, his first time as an astronaut.

They were supposed to splash down in waters off the coast of Florida on Saturday, after already being delayed once before. NASA and SpaceX said they would reassess weather conditions on Friday to determine when it is safe to return.

“Crew Dragon is in great health on the space station, and teams will continue to look for the optimal conditions for both splashdown and recovery,” a statement issued by NASA read on Friday.

Currently there are 11 astronauts on board the ISS, creating some cramped quarters and requiring creative sleeping arrangements. The Crew-1 team is joined by the four-member SpaceX Crew-2 that arrived last week as well as a three-member crew that came on a Russian Soyuz rocket.

The Resilience Crew Drago spacecraft uses parachutes to slow its reentry before landing in the ocean where rescue boats will be waiting nearby.

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Source: Orange County Register

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