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Laguna Woods amends job classifications, announces Senior Summit date and relocation

LAGUNA WOODS — Laguna Woods City Council has approved two resolutions that would amend job classification terms of city employment.

City staff recommended transitioning the current, single-class senior accountant to a dual-class position — expanding hiring eligibility — while simultaneously widening the compensation range and providing promotional opportunities, according to a city staff report.

“This would allow for some sort of progression with title and compensation,” City Manager Chris Macon said during the Jan. 16 meeting.

The new accountant compensation range proposed was $29.85 to $41.79 per hour, according to a staff report. For a senior accountant, the pay boosted about $2 from the existing range, starting at $34.03 and peaking at $47.64 per hour.

Other titles affected by amended job classifications include accounting clerk, administrative services director/city treasurer, administrative coordinator, customer service representative, deputy city clerk, management analyst and senior management analyst.

Within the action, staff standardized language to be more explicit in what regular, essential duties comprise their respective titles, Macon said.

Macon said the actions are “all meant to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and economy of the city’s business.”

Currently, there are 8.45 full-time equivalent employees that work for the city of Laguna Woods.

The series of actions would not increase the number of full-time equivalent positions ––which is established by the city annually — and no budget adjustments would be required, according to a staff report.

Council unanimously passed the resolutions upon first reading, which take immediate effect.

Senior Summit

Councilwoman Shari Horne announced the date of the 2019 Senior Summit — Friday, May 17 — expressing disappointment in its relocation to Soka University in Aliso Viejo.

“I find it very sad that Laguna Woods Village lost this prestigious event,” Horne said, noting its 12-year run in the Village.

Last year’s event left standing room only in the Laguna Woods Village Performing Arts Center’s 814-seat auditorium, with residents upset about the crowded parking situation, no shuttles to compensate for it and the overflow of “outsiders.”

No theme has been disclosed yet, though breakfast and lunch at the event are promised.

“I hope they will somehow be able to provide buses,” Horne added. “So that 600 of our residents don’t need to head up there in their cars.”

Water quality regulations

In response to changes made by the California State Water Resources Control Board, the council passed an ordinance that would amend city regulations related to water quality.

The ordinance applies to regulatory order and permits by the state having to do with water quality — not drinking water quality, as clarified in a staff report.

Macon noted that a number of changes pertained to inspection sites and the inspection process.

The amendments add explicit provisions allowing more rapid inspections of private property and revisions of notice requirements prior to inspections of industrial sites and construction sites.

Additionally, the ordinance adds language that invites the city manager’s authority to water quality-related agreements, Macon said.

“On one hand (the amendments) seek to make the regulations more explicit with aid and clarity or understanding,” Macon said. “And then also, to increase the alignment of the city’s regulations with state orders and state permits as those have changed over time.”

Water quality regulations were last updated in 2010, according to a staff report.

Council unanimously approved the ordinance upon second reading, which will go into effect in 30 days.

Source: Orange County Register

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