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Free Metro Express buses for Dodgers’ National League Division Series games

LOS ANGELES — Metro announced that starting Saturday, it will provide free Dodger Stadium Express bus service for the 2023 National League Division Series against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The Dodgers’ home games against the Diamondbacks are scheduled for Oct. 7, 9 and 14. Fans can ride Dodger Stadium Express to the game for free. Regular fares apply on all other connecting bus, rail, bikeshare and Metro Micro services.

Dodger Stadium Express buses will be available from both Los Angeles Union Station in downtown LA and from the South Bay Harbor Gateway Transit Center in Gardena.

From Union Station, buses will pick up fans about every 10 minutes in front of the station west adjacent to Alameda Street near the taxi zone. During the playoffs, service from Union Station begins two hours prior to the start of the game through the end of the second inning.

Return service runs until 45 minutes after the final out or 20 minutes after post-game events. Passengers can use two stops at the ballpark — either behind center field or at the top deck.



From Harbor Gateway Transit Center, attendees can board buses located at Bay 9, with buses running every 30 minutes. Riders can board at any of the following stations: Slauson, Westchester, Harbor Freeway and Rosecrans.

Service from the transit center begins two hours prior to the start of the game and ends 45 minutes after games are over or 20 minutes after a post-game event.

Both express services will utilize a dedicated bus lane on Sunset Boulevard, where game day traffic congestion is the heaviest. Metro has partnered with the Los Angeles Department of Transportation for traffic mitigation support that will help expedite trips to and from games.

The Harbor Gateway uses the ExpressLanes on the 110 Freeway to speed up trips to the stadium.

Metro encourages customers to use its transit systems and services that connect to Union Station, including Metro Rail, Metrolink, Amtrak and city bus operators. The Harbor Gateway Transit Center is served by several Metro bus lines, the J (Silver) Line and Torrance Transit.

Funding for the Dodger Stadium Express is provided under a grant from the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee and from Metro’s operations budget. The committee awards funding within the South Coast Air Basin from a portion of the state vehicle registration fee for projects that bring clean air by reducing traffic in the L.A. area.

Source: Orange County Register

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