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Cheap and Cheery Sparklers for Your Christmas Weekend

The Christmas calendar has gifted me four solid days in a row of sparkling wine and mimosas! We’ll start on Saturday to celebrate the kids finally being out of school. We’ll continue on Sunday, because it is Sunday brunch at home and football. Monday is a requirement since it is Christmas Eve, and of course Dec. 25 rolls us into Christmas morning stockings and cinnamon rolls.

The BEST mimosa calendar year ever!

Given my scheduled increase in bubbly, I’m stocking up on magnums, which I’ve found at Trader Joe’s – the Incanto prosecco and L’Eclat Blanc de blancs. Each magnum is just $12. Given a bottle of Korbel, which is a just a rough drinking experience in itself, is over 10 dollars, a magnum of Old World sparkling for $12 is a truly something to celebrate.

Both of these sparklers are for unfettered enjoyment, rather than to be highly analyzed for their adjectives and attributes. They are for widespread consumption like at ugly sweater parties, big family gatherings, and the all-day mimosa affairs. Both magnum bottles are eye-catching and festive, making them a great hostess gift, which also ensures some good bubbly for yourself at the party.

The L’Eclat Blanc de Blanc is a French sparkling wine that is crispy and tangy, but with a creamy finish. This is a great bottle for your mimosa mixers, with a splash of fresh orange juice, spiced apple cider, or add a bit of cranberry juice and Grand Marnier. I love to garnish with fresh raspberries or thin pear slices.

I’m not a big fan of prosecco as a mimosa due to the glera grape’s sweeter style. The prosecco will be for the evening hours next to the Christmas tree or with appetizers and Christmas movies. The Incanto has an almond essence with a bit of a fruit tart finish. You’ll happily fill your glass again and again.

The Incanto prosecco and the L’Eclat Blanc de Blanc do tend to sell out at Trader Joe’s, so stock up if you find them available. I have seen the Incanto prosecco magnum at Costco as well. My kids love to join the festivities with glasses of sparkling cider garnished with green apple slices.

Just think, the Christmas mimosa weekend is just a trial run for the New Year’s holiday weekend of bubbly galore!

“Why do I drink champagne for breakfast? Doesn’t everyone?” – Noel Coward, English playwright and composer

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