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Car splits in half, catches fire after driver hits pole in Santa Ana

A driver escaped serious injuries after slamming into a pole and splitting his car in half early Wednesday morning, June 27.
The driver was going about 60 to 65 mph when it hit a bump then crashed into the pole at Dyer Road and Main Street, said Orange County Fire Authority Capt. Tony Bommarito.

“Half of the car was on fire so one of the engines dealt with that. … Another one handled the patient,” Bommarito said of the 1:40 a.m. crash.
The flaming back half of the sedan ended up in the parking lot of a nearby industrial complex and was extinguished by firefighters. The front half rested on the curb where the driver was able to get out and be treated.
The driver, in his 20s who appeared to be a private ambulance driver, was taken as a trauma patient to a hospital. His injuries did not appear to be life-threatening.
No other cars were involved in the crash.
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Source: Oc Register

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