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Australian Surfers: Why them “They had a lot of money, devices and the pickup’

In a recent article found in the OC register, authorities attempt to understand what led to the deaths of two visiting surfers from Australia on a safari down in Baja. As someone who used to do this every other weekend back in the day, I can’t imagine this area has become this dangerous over the years to the extent people are killed at random for money, devices, and pickup trucks. I can’t imagine if the perpetrators said, “your lives or these items”, they would have given them all over and walked away. They were killed in cold blood. I’m not going down there anymore or at least anytime soon. I’ll cut my surfing trip short and stay in San Diego.

A Mexican judge on Wednesday laid out the evidence against a man arrested in connection with the disappearance and killings of two Australian brothers and their American friend, including the testimony of a witness who told investigators that the suspect allegedly boasted that he attacked “three gringos.”

Identified only by his first and middle names — as is customary in pending criminal cases in Mexico — Jesús Gerardo, 33, will remain in prison charged with forced disappearance, the judge ruled during a detention hearing in an Ensenada courthouse. Prosecutors have not filed murder charges in the case, although they said they expect to at a later date.

Callum Robinson, 33, an Australian living in San Diego, his brother Jake Robinson, 30, who was visiting from Australia, and their friend Jack Carter Rhoad, 30, a U.S. citizen and San Diegan, were found dead last Friday in a remote area south of Ensenada after being reported missing while on a surfing trip. The trio was last seen on April 27.

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