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Yucaipa nurse, mother of 5 dies of COVID-19 a week after giving birth

A Yucaipa mother of five who worked as a registered nurse in the labor and delivery ward of Kaiser Permanente in Fontana died last week of complications from COVID-19, according to her family.

Davy Macias was 37, with children ages 7 and under, including a newborn.

She died Aug. 26.

“She’s the type of person that when she walks into a room, she lights it up,” brother Vong Serey said in a phone interview Monday, Aug. 30. “Everybody’s attention is on her because she’s that great of a person. She has very good vibes. A very loving and caring mother.

“Such a wonderful person.”



Macias and her husband, Daniel, took their family on a beach vacation toward the end of July, Serey said. Their last stop before heading home was an indoor water park in Orange County. About a week later, in early August, Serey said, Daniel Macias texted him that his wife had been admitted to the emergency room with COVID-19.

Within a few days, Daniel Macias also was in the hospital battling the disease, Serey said.

In an Aug. 12 Facebook post, Davy Macias wrote: “Thank You to everyone who’s known our status and helped along the way. These last days have been especially hard not seeing my kids. I’ve been hospitalized at 32 weeks with covid. Currently on 10L of oxygen to maintain but hopefully will get weaned off soon. Just exhausted and depleted for energy. Praying for hubbys health now too as he is running this course just a few days behind me.”

The post includes photos of her children and a graphic that reads: “32 weeks pregnant today with COVID.”

On Aug. 18, six weeks before Macias’ due date, a doctor delivered the child, Serey said. The baby girl is in good health at the moment.

Macias’ condition worsened shortly thereafter, her brother said.

Macias was not vaccinated, Serey said, and was hesitant to get the shot because she was pregnant. Serey did not know whether her husband had been inoculated.

Daniel Macias still is in critical condition, Serey said.

The five Macias children, who Serey said experienced flu-like symptoms after their vacation but recovered in short order, presently are being cared for by family friends.

Serey, who lives in La Verne, launched a GoFundMe to help cover various expenses.

Upwards of $105,000 had been raised as of Tuesday morning, Aug. 31.

“I’m overwhelmed by the support, blown away by how fast and quick the amount rose up,” Serey said.

Serey last saw and spoke with his younger sister in June, after a get-together for his wedding anniversary.

Serey said his sister is the only family member who has died of COVID-19.

“She kept her family together,” he said. “Taking care of the kids was her thing. She took care of them and did a real good job with them, too.”

Source: Orange County Register

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