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State Parks grants extension for annual parking passes because of coronavirus closures

Have a annual State Parks parking pass that expired while people weren’t allowed into the system’s parks or beaches during the coronavirus shutdown?

Don’t throw away those parking passes just yet.

State Parks is allowing an extension due to the three months of lost access, according to the California Department of Parks and Recreation website.

San Clemente surfer Craig Book was stoked on news of the extension. The annual Explorer Vehicle Day Use Pass most surfers use to access their favorite spots costs $195.

“The State Parks choosing to extend our passes is great news for all of us here in San Clemente and through the entire state as well,” he said. “I think this will do a lot to help us all feel we’re getting back to normal.”

State Parks last week opened up 28 campsites throughout the state, including some popular ones like Doheny State Beach and Leo Carrillo north of Malibu.

State Parks, like other popular gathering places across the California, experienced shut downs of some of its parks and wilderness areas, and limited access with parking restrictions to try and curb crowds.

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Here’s the criteria: 

If your annual pass expired or will expire between March 1 and June 30, the extension will go through: Sept. 30

If your annual pass will expire between July 1 and April 30, 2021, the extension will add three months

Extensions apply to:

California Explorer Vehicle Day Use Annual Pass (Hangtag)California Explorer Vehicle Day Use Annual Pass (Hangtag)Centennial Redwood “Golden Poppy” Vehicle Day Use Annual Pass (Hangtag)Tahoe Regional Vehicle Day Use Annual Pass (Hangtag)Historian Passport Day Use Annual Pass (Wallet Card)Boat Use Annual Pass (Hangtag or Sticker)Oversized Vehicle Pass (Hangtag or Sticker)Off Highway Vehicle Day Use Annual Pass (Hangtag)Limited Use Golden Bear Pass

Source: Orange County Register

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