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SingleSprout moves tech recruiting HQ to Newport Beach from NYC

After 10 years in the Big Apple, two Southern California natives have brought their tech hiring platform to home turf.

SingleSprout earlier this year swapped New York’s concrete jungle for the coastline of Newport Beach.

Formed in 2013, the recruiting firm named after “individualized growth” uses its own formula to match software engineers, data scientists, product managers and attorneys to a variety of clients, including Blue Apron, Instacart, Acorns, Peloton and Nike.



The privately held company has a team of 30, but its founders are looking to expand.

Co-founder and co-President Natan Fisher previously served as a sales account executive with an e-commerce technology platform and distribution network. Co-founder and co-President David Saad previously ran a small search firm and sold business-intelligence software.

We asked the co-founders to tell us more about how the company operates and their take on the challenging employment economy. Their answers have been edited for space considerations.

Q: What prompted SingleSprout to move its headquarters from New York City to Newport Beach?

A: We’re both proud SoCal natives who grew up in this amazing and vibrant community. Newport Beach has an ample labor pool, with talented people who work hard and want to be part of an in-person office environment. Many companies — including us — were forced to go remote as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, but the tight culture that is created by learning and working together in person is unmatched. Not to mention, the weather here is way better than New York City!

Q: How has SingleSprout dealt with remote, hybrid and in-person work arrangements since COVID-19 came along?

A: Most of our employees are currently working remotely from Los Angeles, New York and Miami, and two are relocating from New York. Those are our main hubs. There is a valid argument for both in-office and remote-work models, and it is possible that companies may evolve to find a balance between the two that works best for their employees and their bottom line.

At SingleSprout, we have worked both in-office (pre-pandemic) and completely remotely (post-pandemic). Now, we feel like establishing roots in an office with in-person employees is the best way to grow our culture and the quality of our service.

Q: With all of the tech layoffs that have occurred in recent months, there’s a glut of displaced employees looking for work. Can you talk about how competition in the job market has increased?

A: The market has demanded much more specialization, leading to a narrower pool of job opportunities for professionals. In prior years, companies were often blindly hiring anyone who had some skill overlap.

But now, with budgets needing to last longer, companies are looking for the perfect person for each job. That said, there is still a high demand for skilled technical talent, particularly in the areas of artificial intelligence, climate, health, finance and supply chain operations. These industries are ripe for disruption, and people with expertise in these areas are likely to find numerous job opportunities and offers.

Q: SingleSprout says its algorithm is designed to give qualified job seekers a leg up, and you say it’s resulted in 60% of the candidates you screen being accepted for job interviews. What are some of the criteria the algorithm considers when evaluating candidates?

A: SingleSprout’s technology analyzes dozens of data points to identify the must-haves and nice-to-haves for both parties. It considers such factors as an applicant’s skill set, salary considerations, education and a candidate’s willingness to remain on the job once they are hired.

This allows our recruiting team to focus on the essential human element of recruiting, forming a true partnership based on feedback, advice and support. The candidates we represent are looking for a variety of factors beyond competitive compensation, such as strong leadership, an environment of learning and growth and flexibility in their work arrangements.

Q: What does the future look like for tech workers in search of employment?

A: It’s promising. The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation across many industries, leading to an increased need for tech talent in various sectors. AI is the new kid on the block, and it will shape the world we live in. It is likely that the job market for tech workers will remain robust, providing opportunities for those skilled in the field.

Natan Fisher and David Saad

Title: Co-founders and co-CEOs of SingleSprout

Headquarters: 100 Bayview Circle, Suite 100, Newport Beach

Employees: 30


Hometowns: Fisher: San Diego  Saad: Irvine

Previous experience: Natan previously served as an account executive with Group Commerce, a New York-based e-commerce technology platform and distribution network that serves publishers. He graduated from the Walter Cronkite School of Broadcast Journalism at Arizona State University.

Saad previously ran a search firm called Dave Partners and also sold business-intelligence software at Bureau van Dijk. He graduated from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley.

Source: Orange County Register

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