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Police release photos of possible suspects, car, in drive-by shooting outside Knott’s Berry Farm

Investigators released photos of several possible suspects in a drive-by shooting outside Knott’s Berry Farm in July, along with the image of a car that police say may have been involved in an earlier shooting in Buena Park.

The person who opened fire in front of the amusement park was described as male in either his late teens or early twenties with a shaved head and a teardrop tattoo on his face, Buena Park Police Sgt. Chad Weaver said.

The suspected shooter was seen wearing a dark-colored baseball cap and a black shirt with a large image on its front in photos shared by investigators in a news release.

He was with at least two other people that day, according to photos distributed by police. The others were not described in the release but are considered potential suspects, Weaver said.



They were riding in a black two-door sedan that resembled a Honda Accord, which was rolling on two different types of rims at the time, police said. Shots fired from that car sent two people to hospitals with injuries that were not considered life-threatening.  The shooting caused a panic that sent visitors at Knott’s Berry Farm scrambling for the park’s exits.

That vehicle may have been involved in another drive-by-shooting on June 28, police said. Someone in that car fired multiple rounds into an inhabited residence on the 7700 block of Adams Way. No people were hit during that shooting, Weaver said.

Investigators believe the suspects are from Orange County and possibly live in the area of Buena Park, Weaver said. Authorities asked anyone who might recognize them or the car they were riding in to contact police at 714-562-3847.

Source: Orange County Register

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