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Mt. Baldy Road remains closed after snow snarls traffic

Mt. Baldy Road remained closed in the Angeles National Forest on Tuesday morning, Dec. 29, a day after dozens of motorists got stuck on the mountain for hours during this month’s first winter storm.

Several cars still littered the road, which is slick with ice, the Mt. Baldy Fire Department said.

“We strongly suggest you stay off the mountain until conditions improve, probably by this afternoon,” the agency wrote in a Twitter post.

Traffic was bumper-to-bumper as the snow fell at the 4,000-foot elevation Monday night. Some cars skidded off the road, and some motorists reported being stranded for five hours. About 50 drivers abandoned their vehicles, the Fire Department said.

Mt. Baldy Resort was closed Tuesday.

“We expect that once the sun shines on Baldy (Road) long enough the ice will melt and the road will re-open at some point. However, by that time the day will be lost and the droves of snow players will have jammed the road,” resort officials said on their website.

Caltrans offers tips for driving in the mountains during the winter, including:

• Check the weather forecast and road-closure information

• Make sure your car, including lights and windshield wipers, are working.

• Carry a flashlight, blanket, fully-charged cell phone, gloves, ice scraper, shovel, kitty litter or sand for traction if your car gets stuck, food, water and tire chains.

Locally, road updates can be found on the Caltrans Quickmap and on Caltrans’ Twitter feeds.

Source: Orange County Register

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