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Motorcyclists can’t take eLearning to avoid the knowledge test

Q. I will be 76 in December, and it’s time to renew my license. You talked last week about the written test, also called the knowledge test, for drivers. But what about getting my motorcycle endorsement renewed? I have been riding for more than 50 years, and I plan on riding as long as I can.  So do we cycle riders get any breaks for renewal?

– John Gibson, Fullerton

A. Probably not in the way you would prefer, John.

You likely want the option of taking eLearning – a seven-part online seminar that you can’t fail – instead of the knowledge test for your motorcycle renewal.

Well, that avenue exists for many motorists renewing their standard C class driver’s licenses to operate a car or a small truck – passing the test or taking eLearning is a must for those ages 70 and older.

But …

“The eLearning course is not available for the motorcycle endorsement,” Ronald Ongtoaboc, a spokesman, told Honk.

But you can complete the knowledge test online for the motorcycle add-on to your license, John, so long as you succeed in the first two attempts. Just like drivers can take that test online.

A third swing for either test requires heading into an office to take it.

“Tests at field offices are given via touchscreen terminals and are available in 36 languages,” Ongtoaboc said.

Q. In your column on DMV knowledge tests, I don’t think you mentioned the option of taking those tests at a DMV office via old-fashioned hard-copy paper and pencil instead of a computer. When I recently renewed my license, there was a long line for the computer stations and a DMV person was looking for volunteers for the the old-fashioned method. I volunteered and thought it was easier, because I could go back over my answers and think about them. I only passed by one point so was glad I volunteered! I have since learned that at least two of the local DMV offices offer the option of taking the written text with the old-fashioned pencil and paper.

–  Elizabeth Hoffman, Rancho Palos Verdes 

A. Thumbs up.

Paper tests, at least at some DMV offices, are offered to motorists wishing to renew.

To get more specifics on that option, Honk has a few questions into the DMV and will return to Honkland with the goods.

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Source: Orange County Register

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