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In impeachment trial, Trump’s lack of remorse a focus for the day

Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial is set to resume at noon Thursday in the Senate, with members of the House’s prosecution team completing their case. Trump’s defense team will follow starting on Friday.

The nine impeachment managers presenting the charge against the former president argue that he betrayed his oath of office by inciting his followers to storm the Capitol. Trump’s lawyers counter that he didn’t prod his supporters to violence and simply exercised his First Amendment rights.

Trump’s lack of remorse over the storming of the Capitol and his lack of concern for those who were at risk — including his vice president, Mike Pence — will be a focus Thursday of House impeachment managers, according to aides.

The managers intend to follow Wednesday’s stunning video footage of the Capitol’s ransacking by applying that and other evidence to the legal issues that apply in a constitutional impeachment, said the aides who briefed reporters. They said Trump’s role in provoking violence was compounded by his lack of remorse as the attack played out and afterward.

In remarks to Politico on Wednesday night, Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville recounted that a previously reported call he received that day from Trump occurred as rioters were moving toward the Senate, and that he told Trump that Pence had just been evacuated.

Yet around that time, Trump sent a tweet attacking Pence for not having “the courage” to stop the certification by Congress of Joe Biden’s presidential election victory.

Where to Watch:

You can catch the proceedings live streaming on the web at Cable news networks CNN, Fox News and MSNBC are likely to show significant portions of the trial. C-SPAN 2, which covers Senate floor proceedings, will broadcast it on cable and online.

Source: Orange County Register

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