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Huntington Beach wetlands continue to expand, following decades of degradation-media-14

Darlene Dearen, owner of Radiant Hot Yoga and her daughter Skyler Dearen.
Show up at 3pm and shoot a strong portrait of Skyler with some space
arounf her in the frame. Also, the same with her and her mom. Then at 4pm
shoot the yoga class that Skyler teaches. Note that the room is literally
“hot” so be sure to wear clothing that is layered! Talk with me on Thursday
before going on this shoot. Thanks, Lorren
Skyler Dearen is only 15 and is the youngest hot yoga instructor. Hot yoga
is a type of yoga where practitioners are in a hot and humid room as they
do the yoga poses and exercises. Skyler was severely abused as a young
child and says yoga helped her not only cope with what happened to her, but
also forgive her father, who died last year. She, her younger sister and
mother endured stressful times as they lived in shelters and friends’ homes
fearing for their lives. But yoga helped them all heal and move forward,
they say.

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