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Costa Mesa get’s it own 25-foot Randy’s Donuts sign

Like bakers making treats in the early morning, workers at the San Pedro Electric Sign Company were up at dawn, strapping two 12.5-foot fiberglass pastry pieces to flatbed trucks as the sun rose on Thursday, Feb. 25.

The two parts were later joined together, making a 25-foot sign for Randy’s Donuts’ first Orange County location in Costa Mesa. The eatery doesn’t open until March 9, but the iconic large doughnut now heralds its arrival.



The Costa Mesa doughnut is a slightly smaller version of its Los Angeles landmark namesake, but still weighs in at 15,000 pounds of fiberglass and steel.

The original, which hovers next to the 405 Freeway in Inglewood, was built in the 1950s and stands 33-feet tall. It is made from Gunite concrete.

Standing in a median of Harbor Boulevard, with cars whizzing in both directions, store owner Mark Kelegian, watched the giant doughnut being assemble atop the building.

Being careful not to say opening his new store was as important as when his kids were born, he did say: “It does feel, in some respects, like you’re birthing a child. Especially when the doughnut comes, it becomes real.”

The new location at 2930 Harbor Blvd. will have a coffee lounge with WiFi and USB charging stations, and a drive-thru open 24 hours. A grand opening is planned for March 9 with a free raised glazed doughnut for customers from 6 a.m. to noon.

Source: Orange County Register

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