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Camp Pendleton Marines and veterans celebrate Super Bowl at Newport Beach American Legion Post 291


Surrounded by 500 Camp Pendleton Marines and veterans, American Legion Newport Harbor Post 291 Commander Doug Nye watched the Marines enjoying themselves for the fifth time at Post 291 during the 10th Annual Gary and Julie Crisp all-day Super Bowl party on Sunday.

“I’m a Vietnam Veteran, Nye said. “It’s all about giving back to our troops now who are protecting us 24 hours a day.  It’s about showing them a good time before they get deployed and showing we care about them.”

He said he doesn’t want them coming home like Vietnam veterans did.

Listening to Mick Adams and the Stones tribute band, PFC Robert Lee, a mortarman with the 1/5 Marines, sat with his wife in the dining hall eating lunch.

“It’s a lot more interesting than I thought it would be,” Lee said. “It’s eye-opening to see how much people care about us. You get caught up in the military life and you forget how the outside world sees you and how much they appreciate you.”



Source: Orange County Register

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