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Anti-vaccination protesters briefly shut entrance to Dodger Stadium vax site

About 50 anti-vaccine protesters milling about the entrance to the Dodger Stadium coronavirus vaccination site on Saturday, Jan. 30, prompted officials to close the gate for almost an hour before the protesters dispersed.

Everyone in line eventually got vaccinated, said firefighter David Ortiz, a spokesman for the Los Angeles City Fire Department.

But traffic into the stadium was halted from 1:50 p.m. to 2:45 p.m. when people carrying signs and chanting slogans attempted to enter the grounds, and officials closed the gates to prevent that, Ortiz said.

Images on social media showed people with signs reading “Covid = scam,” “99.96 survival rate,” and “Tell Bill Gates to Vaccinate Himself,” a reference to a baseless conspiracy theory that microchips would be implanted in vaccines that could be used to control the population by a New World Order.

Others chanted “This is not a vaccine,” “Sheep led to their slaughter” and “This is a treatment. You are submitting to be a lab rat in real time.”

No arrests were made, said Los Angeles Police Department Officer Rosario Cervantes, a department spokeswoman.

The LAPD tweeted out that their department did not shut the gates.


Officials expect to vaccinate 12,000 people there each day.

Source: Orange County Register

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