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2-year-old attacked by coyote in Fountain Valley; coyote euthanized

Wildlife officials confirmed Friday the animal that attacked a two-year-old in Fountain Valley Tuesday night was a coyote.

The attack was reported just after 8 p.m. Tuesday night at Mile Square Park near Euclid and Stonecress. Fountain Valley police and California Department of Fish and Wildlife responded to the scene.

A DNA sample found on the child’s clothing was tested to confirm the animal responsible was a coyote and also matched against the DNA of a coyote found and trapped at Mile Square Park at a later time. The coyote was euthanized, but the exact date of when the coyote was trapped was not available.

The extent of the child’s injuries were also not available, but Fountain Valley police confirmed the child was recovering.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife recommends if you see a coyote:

  • Keep a safe distance and clap your hands or make a loud noise
  • Make yourself look bigger by waving your arms
  • If bitten, call 911 and seek medical attention. Then notify the nearest Fish and Wildlife office after contacting local authorities.

Source: Orange County Register

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